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Expo Pick-Up

Current Expo Pick-Up Opportunities: 

Expo Pickup is currently unavailable. 
Please Check back for event announcements.

What does Expo Pick-Up mean? 
We travel to many expos across the United States and often offer the opportunity to pick up your online order at expos. 

Why would I want to choose Expo Pick-Up?
To avoid paying for shipping and to ensure we have your product in stock.

How am I charged?
There is no charge for Expo Pick-Up — your shipping fees are waived when you select the Expo Pick-Up option. When you complete your online order and checkout, your credit card will be charged. This guarantees that your selected merchandise is reserved.

You can always place additional orders (selecting Expo Pick-up each time) and we will bundle your orders together. There is no charge for this option.

How do I select Expo Pick-Up instead of shipping?
If you choose Expo Pick-Up, please fill out the checkout screen that asks for your Shipping Address and Billing Address. Please fill out the entire page just in case we have to ship all or a portion of your order because of a change or production delay, or if you don't make it to the expo.

How do I avoid being charged for shipping? 
Enter the promotional code that has been provided for your event in the last stage of checkout in order to waive your shipping and to allow us to track your pick-up request.

Please read and agree to our Return, Shipping and Privacy Policies. 

Your order will be ready for pick-up up at your selected expo.

Please contact us with any questions about expo pick-up.

With the exception of posters, all other products of the listed pickup events do not qualify for Expo Pickup. 

For example if the option for Expo Pickup is available for the Chicago Marathon, you cannot pre-purchase products for the Chicago Marathon for pickup. 

*If you have an existing order that has not yet shipped you may choose Expo pickup for either event and your shipping will be refunded. Please email us at