How to Assemble your Shadowbox

Opening the Shadowbox: Gently pull upward on the black tabs as straight as possible.

Wiggling side to side can dislodge the tab causing it to fall out. More tabs have been added than what is necessary should this accidentally happen. Once all tabs are open slide the backboard away from the frame and lay face up.

Inserting your photo: Photos are not included with Shadowboxes. To insert your own we recommend using 3M double sided tape. During the customization of you order you may have selected to include photo guidelines. If so, you will see a 5”x7” silhouette rectangle on the backboard, this is the intended location of the photo.

Assembly Instructions for clear medal clips: These instructions will show you how to use the clear medal clips to display your medals inside your new commemorative shadowbox.

1. Separate the lanyard from the velcro points.

2. Holding one side of the lanyard fold it onto itself and slowly feed it through the clip opening.

3. Repeat again for other side of the lanyard and make sure the length that has passed through the clip is even on both sides of the lanyard. Raise or lower the length of the lanyard through the clip as necessary so the resting point of the medal is in the desired location.

4. Reattach the lanyard from the velcro points and begin to fold the lanyard over itself in 1” - 2” intervals.

5. Your folded lanyard will now rest above the clip. Be sure that the fold is small enough as to be covered by the acrylic image.

6. You will now want to secure the folded lanyard above the clip. Here we have used frame wire, which can be found at most craft stores. You may also use a rubber band, tape, large paper clips, or use the lanyard its self to tie a knot if there is enough room.

7. Here is how the finished piece should look.

Extended Instructions*

Depending on the art display you purchased there may be less room to hide the lanyard above the medal clip than below. If this is the case it is recommended you perform the lanyard fold below the clip hole. *see steps 1-5 from the topside of the medal clip

Do not worry If your art display does not have an equal number of clips as there are to medals going into the frame, this is by design. Each clip can easily hold 2 medals. In some artwork cases this must happen and it is recommended you create a fold above the clip for one medal and below the clip for the other.

To do this you will insert the medal that will hang lowest first with the folded lanyard resting above the clip. Next you will perform a bottom fold through the same clip, see bottom right.